Who we are

We are a community based on the border of Harehills and Chapeltown in Leeds where we have lived since 1978. We represent many different groups and backgrounds. We are mixed in terms of ethnic origin, gender, age, sexuality, class, disability and special needs. We are also committed to having positive community relationships.

We are a housing co-operative and rely upon the various skills and commitment of our members. We are also a self governing organisation (see our govening rules) and are monitored on a regular basis by the Tenant Services Authority.

We are committed to providing homes for groups wishing to live communally, individually and as single parents or families. Unfortunately we are unable to provide emergency accommodation as Tangram is a small co-operative and vacancies are not always available. We cannot predict when properties will become available but all prospective tenants will be notified of suitable properties as and when they arise.  

We are committed to continually developing and implementing an equal opportunities policy to guide how we allocate our housing stock and make decisions within Tangram. We will not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia and religious or cultural discrimination. Nor will we tolerate anyone who is a member of a party or organisation whose views may conflict with or contravene Tangram’s strict polices on these issues.

If you agree with this stand you are welcome to apply to join Tangram. If this presents difficulties to you then Tangram is not the right place for you.

We will try to provide accommodation that meets your needs. We will do everything we reasonably can to provide for any special needs you may have.

We are a democratic organisation, open and accessible to all tenants.

We can only function if all who are tenant members give a few hours each month to making the co-op work.

Working together we aim to provide a safe and well maintained living environment for adults and children who are in housing need and who would benefit from, and contribute towards, our community.

We cannot guarantee to provide for your every need but if you are willing to be an active member we think you will find Tangram a very good place to live.

December 2009